Raizlabs celebrates Innovation All-Star achievement

Members of the Raizlabs team gathered Wednesday evening at the Harpoon Brewery for the third annual Innovation All-Stars awards ceremony. Raizlabs was recognized by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech as an all-star in the mobile space.

Raizlabs Founder and CEO Greg Raiz expressed his gratitude, and thanked his peers for the achievement. “We’re greatly honored to be recognized,” Raiz said. “We’re always looking to push the envelope and boundaries with technology. We love creating new things, especially when we get to focus on making great products that change the world.”

Chief Operating Officer Gary Fortier, Creative Director Jon Green, Director of Business Development Ben Johnson, and Raiz attended the ceremony and commented on the great atmosphere, and said they look forward to future events.

“The vibe was great,” Johnson said. “Getting together with area innovators, and seeing what others are doing and achieving is always an exciting and motivating experience.”

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