B&H and Raizlabs release full suite of apps for iOS and Android

Earlier this year, B&H and Raizlabs worked together to provide an industry-leading shopping experience for iPad. Now, once again, we are proud to announce a unified suite of apps available for iOS and Android just in time for the holiday madness.

Familiar B&H iPad users may have noticed messages directing them to update to the current app. Don’t hesitate. With the iOS 7 update, users will be able to fully experience dynamic animations seen while browsing all the way to checkout. But, the developers and designers didn’t go too crazy. They kept it simple and easy to use, but still interesting for the detail-oriented.


Raizlabs Product Manager Jenn Pleus said the Android and iOS development teams worked with B&H engineers to create a cohesive, successful app on an accelerated deadline. She added iPhone was able to ship ahead of schedule, and reach customers even faster than anticipated.

The timing couldn’t be better. B&H is the one stop shop for all things photography, video, audio and more. Enjoy browsing the entire catalog on the iPad, iPhone or Android from the comfort of one screen, and watching a conveyor belt take purchases to the cart on iOS.

From the cart, checking out has never been more simple. The B&H checkout experience was made with the shopper in mind. Users will be able to checkout via PayPal Checkout, and typical credit card on iOS and Android. But, we’re excited to announce the integration with Google Wallet available on Android to make checking out even more of a breeze.

“We were trying to accomplish one goal,” Pleus said. “We wanted to put out a great product.”

She said working with B&H was a fully integrated, collaborative experience. We were always in communication, making sure deadlines were met and both teams understood expectations, she added.

“Even during the World Series,” she said with a smile. “We all crammed into a conference room and hacked on our stuff. Everyone pitched in to get things done.”

Take a look at the B&H portfolio page.

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