Archive: November, 2013

Raizlabs wins coveted Innovation All-Star award

Raizlabs was recognized as a 2013 Innovation All-Star by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech last month. The award was given to the top 15 companies in the Boston area that exemplify innovation. “Innovation has been at the heart of our company and the products we’ve been developing for years,” Founder and CEO Greg […]

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Raizlabs celebrates Innovation All-Star achievement

Members of the Raizlabs team gathered Wednesday evening at the Harpoon Brewery for the third annual Innovation All-Stars awards ceremony. Raizlabs was recognized by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech as an all-star in the mobile space. Raizlabs Founder and CEO Greg Raiz expressed his gratitude, and thanked his peers for the achievement. […]

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Thankful & Bootstrapped for 10 years+

I started Raizlabs 10 years ago with no investors. Entrepreneurship is hard regardless of the funding mechanism, and being bootstrapped is no exception. I’ve learned a lot along the way, from chasing press to adjusting to growth spurts, and I’m thankful and proud of how far we’ve come. But, like a mountain climber I’m always looking for the […]

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