From EMC World to the App Store


Last year, over 10,000 attendees flocked to Las Vegas for the annual EMC World Conference. The event serves as the premier educational forum for EMC customers, partners and IT professionals. At the EMC Backup booth, conference goers were presented with solutions for their backup and data storage needs with the help of a new app developed by Raizlabs.

Having previously released our own sketchpad application, we had a bit of knowledge on how to help EMC make their app dreams a reality. Developed by Raizlabs, the EMC Backup Sketchpad is a whiteboard app for iPad that allows users to build configurations of EMC backup and archive solutions and email them directly to others. Users can sketch with various markers and colors, set type on the screen, or drag and drop images of various EMC products to help envision their backup solution. Sketches can also be emailed from in the application for easy sharing. In short: dream it, sketch it, share drawings/templates, and build your storage solutions with ease.

The application was on display in the Backup Freedom booth at EMC World and received overwhelmingly positive praise. EMC employees used the app as a simple way to have a visual discussion about the customers’ backup environment and execute possible solutions to solve their challenges.

“The iPad application was an extremely effective tool to walk customers through their current environment and how EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions can integrate and solve their challenges. Customers loved it. I can see this application becoming a valuable part of my toolbox as a pre-sales engineer.” remarked an EMC sales specialist.

Raizlabs went back to the drawing board and made a few changes to ready it for the App Store. In early January, Backup SketchPad was released for download in the AppStore.

“The EMC Backup SketchPad is a not only a great tool for teaching the Backup Recover Systems Use cases, but helps in generating excitement about BRS in our Velocity Partner Channel. The initial response has been extremely positive and should only grow as we use the tool in our Advanced Sales Accreditation.” said Paul Zonfrillo of Education Services at EMC Corporation.

Now, after becoming a hit at EMC World the app is finally available to download in the App Store for the public. Check it out now and get sketching.

Available on the AppStore

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