Thank You Coolidge Corner

Coolidge CornerIn 2003, I incorporated Raizlabs as a company out of my condo on Mason Terrace in Brookline MA.  It was as close to a garage start-up as I could get, without the garage. For the first few years I would trudge down the hill to Coolidge Corner where I would work for the day out of the Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee on Harvard St. I would absorb the smells of mocha into my clothes only to trudge back up the hill at the end of the day.

We grew slowly during those first years, building photo software like Magic Gallery and later Pic.Me. I would head to the library to check out books on business, creating my own MBA curriculum. We watched the local pizza joint change owners three times – going from too vegetarian,  too crispy, to just right.  Coolidge Corner has the energy and a pulse that made it fun to go to work and eat lunch in one of the 50+ independent shops and restaurants within a 4 block radius.

We got our first real office in the S.S. Pierce building, a historic 1898 building.  Our first “real office” however was, really, a large room. We rented it from a company that was giving up the space as a secondary conference room. It was a little slice of space, but it was ours. This building has been a home away from home as we’ve moved through four expansions across the second floor (suites 249,225,268 and 209). We moved into mobile technology a few years back and have grown recently to the point this year where we just couldn’t move to a larger space within the building.  Our departure to our new home in Boston is exciting but bitter-sweet.

We love you Coolidge Corner.

    • Temptations Cafe, Starbucks, Dunkin, Pete’s & Bruegger’s – Thanks for keeping us warm & up all night.
    • Michael’s Deli – Thanks for making your sandwiches stupid-huge.
    • Pizzeria Dante – Thanks for feeding our whole team.
    • 7 Subs – Thanks for the summer sitting area and your insistence on making sandwiches in a kitchen half the size of a postage stamp. ;)
    • JP Licks – Thanks for keeping us cool in the summer.
    • Party Favors – You have no idea how many birthday cupcakes you supplied, but it was a lot. Thanks for the butter cream.
    • To the Clubhouse and the Regal Beagle – Thanks for pouring the drinks and giving us a place to unwind.
    • Rod Dee’s – Thanks for moving back to the corner and giving us Thai Thursdays.
    • Chef Chow’s – Thanks for the good fortune and the fortune cookies.
    • Trader Joe’s – Thanks for stocking our freezer with frozen goodies
    • Brookline Booksmith and Coolidge Corner Theatre – Thanks for having great events, speakers and movies.
    • To the MBTA C line – it hasn’t always been fast, or easy – but I don’t know if we could have done it without you.

… and to all the other shops, restaurants, banks and even meter maids.  Thanks for making Coolidge Corner awesome.

– Greg Raiz

P.S. Our new address is:  Raizlabs 10 Milk St. Suite 1150, Boston MA 02108

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