Pubget 2.0 Arrives in the App Store

SolidWorks2012 Raizlabs has always been committed to putting out the highest quality mobile applications. We jumped at the chance to re-visit the Pubget app and make it better than ever. Pubget allows users to search for life science PDFs, providing article-level tools making content discovery, access and copyright management easy. Starting from the ground level, Raizlabs rebuilt the Pubget iPad app for version 2.0 and made changes to improve the user experience.

The app includes an easy to use navigation screen that allows the user to easily navigate, browse, bookmark and retrieve articles through Pubget’s services. The visual design and user interface are improved and sharper. Additionally, we enhanced the PDF viewer for an overall better reading experience. The app allows for browsing and viewing PDFs in-line and the ability to save papers offline. Anyone can view open access or freely available papers, papers that require a subscription require logging into your library selected in the app.

Pubget makes scientific research easier by simplifying the process of finding, managing and analyzing scientific papers. Download the iPad app in the App Store and try out version 2.0 to see the new improvements.


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