Why You Should Care About Apple’s New iPad Announcement

Apple called forth the mobile masses this morning in San Francisco for their newest announcement. CEO Tim Cook took the stage and presented the newest features and upgrades for the iPad and Apple TV. Highlights of the keynote include:

  • Retina display for iPad: The gorgeous display has a 264 pixels per inch density. That’s 3.1 million pixels on a full color screen. That gives the iPad 44% more saturation over it’s predecessor.
  • Processor and graphics power: The new A5X chipset boasts a GPU twice as powerful as the A5, found in the iPad 2.
  • New camera: The upgrade includes a new camera on the back and 5 megapixel side-illuminated sensor with 5-element lens and infrared sensor. Essentially, very close in configuration to the iPhone 4S.
  • 1080p video recording: The new camera will be capable of recording in 1080p HD video.
  • Dictation: A microphone has been included in the new release which will be capable of dictation for e-mails and messages.
  • 4G LTE connectivity: The faster wireless network will run on both AT&T and Verizon networks.

So what does this mean for consumers purchasing the new device? Games, photos and video are going to be better than before, with stunning graphics and faster processing. Pictures will be viewable in gorgeous high-definition quality, and with the addition of iPhoto for iPad users can edit and manipulate photos more easily on the go.

Raizlabs Founder and CEO Greg Raiz pointed out, “The iPad is truly a computer, Apple sees this as a post-PC generation who can get by with just their iPhone and iPad. The company continues to push boundaries with their technology.” Designer Dave Counts agreed, “The dictation feature almost replaces the need for a keyboard, along with touchpad replacing a mouse, making it a viable computer. There are fewer things an iPad can’t do that a computer can. The need for laptops is evolving.” Companies developing applications will be placing more emphasis on user interfaces, resulting in higher quality apps for consumers.

For developers here at Raizlabs, the new display allows for further advancement in making the best apps possible. “We can create a more realistic experience for users, they can become more immersed in an app than simply engage with an image on the screen,” developer Joe Goullaud remarked. Bruno Germansdorfer, product engineer, agreed, “The retina display is a game-changer. The iPad has moved into becoming a true multi-media interface.” The better an app looks, the more likely a consumer is to buy it. The 3.1 million pixel display would be the best looking on all platforms in terms of viewing applications.

And what about the name? The lack of a product name came as a surprise to the majority of those following live-blogs and commentary as the event unfolded. “Apple acknowledges the iPad as long-term brand by not giving it a name,” Raiz commented. “The iPad acts as a base now upon which customers can expect to upgrade with new features and products, this is similar to the MacBook brand”

So what would we name the iPad? Beyond the obvious “iPad 3” or “iPad HD”, here are a few suggestions from polling the Raizlabs office:

  • “diet cherry vanilla iPad zero”
  • “iPad early 2012”
  • “iPad: Beyond Thunderdome”
  • “iPad 2: Electric Boogaloo”
  • “iPad Incredible”
  • “this is not the iPad you are looking for”
  • “the human centiPad”

Sadly, the Apple branding team could not be reached for comment.

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