Solid Works 2012 Launched in App Store

SolidWorks2012Since 2010, the SolidWorks team has turned to Raizlabs for developing the mobile application for their anual Solid Works World event. This year, Raizlabs extended the application by adding support for iPad and Android platforms in addition to the iPhone. Attendees of the conference will now be able to interact with a greater amount of people and connect better than ever.

Last year the conference app was a huge hit and we wanted to bring it to an even larger audience. The new app extends the experience from last year with new functionality.

Features of the app include social media integration, schedule and panel listings, speaker bios and a map of the conference center. Users can look up panels by the room they are located in. In addition, this year’s app includes the ability to scan the QR codes on attendee’s badges. The code will include attendee contact information, making it much easier for conference goers to network.

Last year the application was well received by attendees. Industry press praised the quality of the app. Jon Randall of Graphic Speak noted, “This app is simply brilliant in design and execution… The information is well organized. SolidWorks raises the bar for what conference attendees should expect from their hosts.” The additional platform support and QR code integration for this year’s 2012 conference again puts SolidWorks ahead of the curve in giving conference goers a more complete user experience. The application is expected to improve year-over-year with additional enhancements for attendees.



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