Sketch Pad HD Reaches Kids in Haiti

Haiti1Recently, we received an e-mail in our inbox from Bob Olwig, Vice President at World Wide Technology,. Last week, he traveled to Haiti on a humanitarian trip. Bob found himself in the remote village of Belle Vie on the island of La Gonave, where technology rarely is seen by the island’s almost 80,000 residents. The trip was organized by a charity that operates a school for about 150 kids in the small village. They help run educational programs and provide medical services to those residing in Belle Vie. Bob brought his iPhone and iPad with him on the trip and gave the kids an opportunity to use a few apps, including Sketch Pad, developed by Raizlabs.

SketchPad HD is a simple drawing and note taking application that allows users to draw in a variety of colors, collect, browse through and share notes created on the iPad via e-mail. The children quickly took to the application. “The kids loved playing with Sketch Pad…and it was amazing how quickly they learned to use it.  They really had never seen anything quite like it,” he added.

Whether you’re a great typist, a thoughtful scribbler, an avid doodler, or all of the above, SketchPad HD provides the right canvas for your inspiration. Download it on the App Store and create your own adventure.





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  1. Yes! The children LOVED the sketch pad and all learned very quickly! I was amazed at how they picked it up. So much fun was had by all!! I am co-founder of the organization that Bob made his trip through. We are God’s Ministry in La Gonave, Inc. Thanks for posting this!!

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