We’re excited to announce the release of a new service for companies doing application development and deployment. The new service, called AppBlade, was launched today allowing companies to manage, test and deploy applications for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.

Traditionally, companies trying to deploy applications, especially iPhone, had to use a number of complex steps to get an application from a developer to a tester or enterprise customer. The process was confusing and involved too many steps. We set out to simplify the process and centralize the management.

At its core, the initial launch of AppBlade does three things:

  • AppBlade enables developers to deploy applications.
    Developers can deploy ad-hoc applications to limited sets of users or they can deploy in an enterprise configuration to hundreds or thousands of employees.
  • AppBlade enforces application usage.
    This allows companies to control who is using an application, it allows companies to auto-upgrade an application to ensure consistency and it allows you to kill switch one or many installs of the application without modifying the device.
  • AppBlade allows you visibility into how your application is used.
    You can see active and non-active users. You can see crash reports and statistics on your deployment and usage.

The service is available in three pricing tiers. For development companies managing apps, there is a monthly $49/month plan. For enterprises managing distribution, the pricing is $49/user/year.

The service has been developed and in production use for the last four months.  We are excited to bring it as a turn-key solution to other development companies and enterprise customers.

Learn more and sign-up at

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