Wireframe toolkit for Keynote and Powerpoint

Our wireframe tool for creating PowerPoint and Keynote user interfaces is a simple and complete collection of iPhone assets and design patterns. The collection has been amassed through the development of close to 50 apps and assembled for easy use in the most commonly used design and layout patterns.   Designed for use in both PowerPoint and Keynote.

Included in the kit:

  • Over 25 pages of design examples and interface patterns
  • Over 200 individual screen elements
  • Examples of many popular apps done using the wireframe elements
  • Button, tables, lists, tabs, maps and other common controls allow you to mix and match elements as needed.
  • Pre-packaged Powerpoint and Keynote files to use as starting points
  • Anyone with PowerPoint (or Keynote) skills can edit, design and present
  • This is not just a collection of screen-elements, the kit includes guidance and patterns for creating and designing great applications
  • Guaranteed to make you look smarter and more professional or your money back.


“I LOVE IT! Great look, lots of good content.”

– Josh Clark, Author of Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps

Why wireframe?


PPT Keynote logos stackedCreating a wireframe is a quick way to explain the story of an application and how you expect it will be used. It allows you to illustrate the foundation of the workflow through the application. Creating a wireframe allows you to iterate quickly and create winning design.  Using a presentation tool like Keynote and Powerpoint makes it easy for developers, designers and executives collaborate and exchange ideas.

Mockup concepts quickly

Drag and drop assets

Quickly create an application using standard PowePoint and Keynote tools. Quickly drag and drop elements to create your own customized application. Include your own elements as needed. If you can use a presentation tool you can create a wireframe.

What you’ll get:

The template provided includes multiple masters elements allowing you to quickly show side-by side images, horizontal and vertical layouts. Keyboards and assorted interaction elements are provided making it easy to use the design for both presentations and paper-prototyping.

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6 thoughts on “Wireframe toolkit for Keynote and Powerpoint”

  1. do you have a try version of the wireframe? it’s look cool

  2. Been looking for a wireframing solution like this and I like what I can see of it in the small previews. Do you have a more extensive list of what’s included with larger image previews? Also, I’m wary of entering my CC details, there’s no security here that I can see?

  3. I’ve added a preview of the screens you would get to this page. I’ve also verified that the transaction is done over SSL security so your credit card number doesn’t touch our site.

  4. Is there an iPad version of the toolkit?

  5. Hi – will this work on a 64-bit PC running Ubuntu 14.04?

  6. I have Pages (part of the iWorks suite analogous to Office Keynote is Powerpoint, Numbers is Excel). It works nilecy but you have to get a better way to transfer files to your PC than the built-in iTunes way. I have a way, but can’t remember what it is. I will post it later when I have my iPad.

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