Raizlabs Does Android

Images of our apps on Android devices
Over the last few years we’ve been working exclusively on iPhone Apps. 10 Months ago that all changed.

Since entering the mobile space more than 4 years ago, we’ve produced more than 25 apps for the iTunes store, some of which have enjoyed millions of downloads.  The development and success of these apps has helped us build our consulting business and our development expertise. We are now branching out beyond iPhone and iPad development; over the last year our Boston based shop has embraced the Android platform by launching three major applications.  We’re seeing the interest in Android grow in much the same way that interest in iPhone exploded two years ago.

Built for FitnessKeeper, Runkeeper was our first major iPhone app.  At the end of 2009, after having over a million downloads, FitnessKeeper asked us if we could port it to Android.  We accepted the challenge, ramped up for Android development, and delivered version 1.0 (our first Android app) just in time for the Boston Marathon in April of 2010.  The application used background services and geo-location to help runners track their fitness progress on Android.  Learn more about RunKeeper for Android.

While we were working on Runkeeper for Android, Benjamin Moore asked if we could duplicate our work on ColorCapture – an app that lets you choose colors from your camera and match them in the Benjamin Moore palette – for the Android platform.  The application used the camera to snap photos and process colors and uses the phone’s GPS to help you find retail locations.   After a month of development, the Android version of this application shipped.

Most recently we helped produce an Android app for wildly successful Boston based private sale retailer Rue La La. The application utilized a complex set of shopping, shipping and billing requirements paired with ambitious goals for e-commerce. We were excited to launch the application last month, available to members at RueLaLa.com

In all three cases, we were able to leverage our experience in building and designing for mobile. We’ve taken the lessons from iPhone and applied them to the Android platform with it’s unique sets of tools and technologies. We learned a lot about key aspects of Android development including geo-location, server interactions, retail-location, camera integration and e-commerce.

For us mobile isn’t about any one platform it’s about delivering the best user experience on the best mobile platforms.  Founder Gregory Raiz says it best: “I’m excited to say we’re not just an iPhone/iPad shop. Raizlabs does Droid.”

Do you have a project in mind? We’d love to work with you. If you’d like an opportunity to work on projects with us, check out our Careers page. We’re hiring!