Fast Development, Not Fast Food

Raizlabs Designs, Develops and Launches a Boston Restaurant Week App in Less Than a Week

BOSTON, Massachusetts (March 15, 2010) – Raizlabs announces that its latest iPhone app, Boston Restaurant Week 2010, is now available in the iTunes store less than a week after development began.  Boston Restaurant Week features the addresses, locations (by street address and GPS coordinates) and event menus of all 207 participating restaurants. It even places a call for reservations or offers directions at the press of a button.  The Boston Restaurant Week app sells for $0.99, the minimum price in Apple’s tiered pricing system.  Boston’s Restaurant week is March 14-19 & 20-25, 2010.

Raizlabs developed a content framework enabling developer Justin Kaufman and designer Dave Counts to begin working on the app on a Tuesday and submit the app for approval by Apple before 5PM the following Friday. “I was in New York on Monday demonstrating features of RZContent to publishers when I got an email from Justin about getting started,” said Counts. “Even with an imminent and absolute deadline, the framework let us keep business hours, not developer hours.”

Raizlabs founder Greg Raiz first suggested the project at a morning meeting on Friday, March 5. “We kicked it around,” said Raiz, “But everyone’s schedule was already full. Ultimately, we decided that’s what made it a perfect test for the framework. It’s supposed to make development fast and easy.”

“The great unknown was Apple’s approval cycle,” said Kaufman. “If Apple didn’t approve the app, and quickly, it would have been more an exercise than a product. “Fortunately, we’ve shipped enough apps to know how to avoid rejection and our reputation probably expedited things.”

Boston Restaurant Week is available in the app store on iTunes for $0.99:

The Restaurant Week official site:

















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