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Fast Development, Not Fast Food

BOSTON, Massachusetts (March 15, 2010) – Raizlabs announces that its latest iPhone app, Boston Restaurant Week 2010, is now available in the iTunes store less than a week after development began. Boston Restaurant Week features the addresses, locations (by street address and GPS coordinates) and event menus of all 207 participating restaurants. It sells for $0.99, the minimum price in Apple’s tiered pricing system. Boston’s Restaurant week is March 14-19 & 20-25, 2010.

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SketchPad HD iPad App Featured in Boston Globe

Steve Jobs runs Apple Inc., one of the world’s biggest and most successful consumer electronics companies. Gregory Raiz runs Raizlabs Corp, a small software development shop in Brookline. They need each other. On Saturday, Apple’s new iPad tablet computer goes on sale. To become the world-shaker Apple says it will be, the radical new device […]

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