Word Popper iPhone Game Released

Word Popper is the first iPhone game developed by Raizlabs. The game is available now from the Apple AppStore. The game is a word game where the object of the game is complete words as quickly as possible.

Word Popper Game

Users get a number of letters and they can pop them to form a word. Each time a word is made they can click the check mark to complete a word. If you can’t find a letter you can shake the game to get new letters. The game can be played by one player or online with many participants. Unlike games like Boggle, Scrabble this word game focuses on speed allowing users with different vocabularies to compete and have fun.

Raizlabs is developing iPhone applications across a wide spectrum of tools. We want to show leadership in user experience and design across a wide range of tools from practical to fun. The game is available and can be downloaded here.

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