Picme To Bring 3D Navigation To Photo Software

Boston, MA – Raizlabs is developing a unique photo sharing application named Picme. The software utilizes a perspective view to allow people to manage, view and share a large collections of photos in a unique 3D interface.

Raizlabs has released a preview video of the 3D application here:


The PicMe photo sharing application is designed to solve the “Lifetime of Photos” problem. Unlike many other tools the software is specifically designed to deal with 100,000’s of photos. Both personal photos and photos of friends, contacts and groups.

The software will be made available later this year. Raizlabs founder Gregory Raiz, said: “There are a lot of photo products out there but what makes us unique is our focus on user experience. We’ve tried to make the application intuitive by allowing users to interact with photos in a natural and physical way.”

The 3D perspective view of the application allows users to scroll through thousands of photos very quickly allowing you to find things visually.

Key features include:

* Unique view to handle large collections of photos (Patent Pending)
* Sharing centric design making it easy to share with individuals, clients, groups and social networks.
* Plug-in architecture allowing us to support photo editing tools as well as sharing service providers such as Flickr.
* Progressive on-demand client side upload means no wait uploads and quick downloads even for large image files.
* Protection for digital content allowing the sharing of proofs.
* Ecommerce, Fulfillment and printing services allowing professionals to share and sell photos, prints and original digital files.

Additional information is available here:

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