Increase your web exposure over 300%

  • Increased traffic by more then 300%
  • Doubled the size of their online gallery
  • Created a customer feedback loop
  • Generated daily E-commerce sales and leads
  • Increased the visibility of the gallery
  • Update their online photo gallery
  • Improve their rankings on search engines
  • Making it possible to buy photos online

We began work with Flury & Company on April 23rd, exactly 30 days later we’ve increased traffic over 300%:

Ttrafic increaseIncrease of over 300% with occasional higher spikes up to 500%


Flury & Company is an established gallery of vintage photographs and Native American art, and Edward Curtis photos. Flury and Company had an existing website that was created in Sept 2000 and had not been updated since. They had three main goals when they came to Raizlabs.

  1. Increase traffic
  2. Allow the photo gallery to be updated easily
  3. Improve online conversions

Plan of Action

It was important to keep the process, design and maintenance aspects of the website very simple. Flury did not have any web experts in house so it was important that the website could be easily maintained without expert intervention. The plan was to use custom templates and Magic Gallery photo software developed by Raizlabs to keep the website up to date. In addition we executed a web advertising plan and improved the overall user interface and flow through the site.

What happened

Raizlabs created an online advertising campaign targeting the largest search engines such as and with the most relevant keywords. Both sites where budgeted to keep within a very modest advertising budget with a proven return value on each investment dollar spent.

Raizlabs then modified the website optimizing for user interaction as well as search engines. The original site  was designed to be simple but it was not designed with search engines or buying photos in mind. The original site had very little text on the home page.
Even the most basic information such as an address, email or phone for the gallery where not easily available on the original site leaving potential customers stranded with no way to purchase a photo.What ended up happening was that 86% of people were spending less then one minute on the site. Most often they would see the home page and then leave the site. The site had a focus on Native American Indian Art but none of these words were anywhere on the homepage.

Raizlabs redesign of the homepage keeping the simple aspects but provided additional user experience benefits to the people viewing the site.  Users were given multiple ways of contacting the gallery and even the opportunity to receive updated gallery news and events. Each gallery section had a rich description and photo inviting more people deeper into the site as well as providing search engines with many additional relevant keywords.

The magic gallery software was successful in providing a gallery that matched the look and feel of the web site and allowed for the flexibility to integrate into a photo purchasing order form.  The purchase form was built as a custom  ASP script that would keep track of the photo, the referring web page and additional information, the script would then email the gallery with online requests making it fit in easily with the way the gallery already functions.

Within the first few days online the updated gallery immediately began  receiving requests for books, photos and additional information.  The site continues to be a daily success.

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