Raizlabs headquarters move to Brookline

Raizlabs a privately held interface design and software solution provider, announced today that it will re-locate its headquarters from Seattle Washington to Brookline Massachusetts The planned move will take place in June 2002 and should not impact current customers. The move is directly related to the company’s stated goals of providing quality services to customers around the world. Raizlabs will be expanding it’s customer base to include the Massachusetts technology sector while continuing to service it’s Seattle customers.

Gregory Raiz, RaizLabs President and CEO, said that the location was chosen in part to accelerate the company’s reach. “We want to be able to provide quality services to customers everywhere. We started on the East coast and I couldn’t imagine not coming back. Given the technology focus in the Boston, Cambridge area I can’t think of a more appropriate place for us to base our company.”

Raizlabs is currently building a partner network in the state of Massachusetts, parties seeking or providing interface design and software consulting services are asked to contact Raizlabs for further information. Through partnership Raizlabs hopes to foster the company’s business plan and facilitate future job growth in Cambridge.

About Raizlabs

Raizlabs started in 1998 as an independent consultant studio specializing in user interface design and software development. Raizlabs currently provides interface design, software services, web development and hosting to hundreds of business and individuals.

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