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Amazon Echo App Development

Amazon Echo App Development

Here at Raizlabs, we’re always finding new ways to use tech to solve problems and serve clients. The Amazon Echo allows us to design and develop experiences that enable voice-driven, hands-free connected computing.

Imagine being able to make a request to the open air and have a robot cater to your desire. That’s essentially what the Amazon Echo does, using Alexa skills.

Unlike traditional mobile or desktop apps, Echo apps allow users to interact directly with Alexa, the brains behind the Amazon Echo, to access huge quantities of data directly from the cloud. When you speak aloud, you can ask a question or make a request to do things like complete online orders, automates your home appliances, retrieve information, or more. This is done using Alexa skills, which Raizlabs designs and develops to add a conversational interface to your product.

Voice Driven Ordering

In the video below, our CEO & Founder Greg Raiz and developer Alex Rouse demonstrate an Alexa skill that Raizlabs built for one of our XLR8 incubator companies, Buttery. This Alexa skill allows a user to order beverages for delivery through a simple conversational interface and extended how this client engages with their customers.

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