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File this under awsome. A while back I posted an idea about having an ABC or Heatmap scrollbar. The idea was that you could show suplimentary information in the scrollbar area.  Turns out that the recently launched Google Chrome uses a similar UI in their “Find” UI.


As you search you can see the matching occurances of the keyword in your document. I love it and hope there is a way to extend this so after visiting a search engine I can see the matching words on the resulting page.

7 thoughts on “Scrollbar UI and Search Results”

  1. Wow.. that’s brilliant. Very good idea also about utilizing it on search pages and other things — you should get a patent 😉

  2. Wow, this _is_ pretty cool. We’ll look at this for FF, too. I didn’t know about this feature.

    Thanks, Greg!

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  4. I like this too, but I’ve seen a few comments pointing out that this is nothing new..
    Firefox has a plugin that does it..
    And IE8’s beta has this feature..

    If you are using Chrome, this feature is also hindered by the fact that many people can’t scroll up using the scroll feature of their mouse (usually laptop trackpads)

    I released a program to quickly and automatically fix the issue (until Chrome is fixed officially).
    See here:

    Direct link:

  5. That’s interesting. A bit late to the party and somewhat offtopic, but what do you think about this scrollbar design?

  6. In Ubuntu (and maybe other OS – try it!) you can shift-click on a yellow bar to go right there. Very nice.

    Cheers, al.

  7. Here is the FF add-on:

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